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Reasons to rush Phi Kappa Theta:


  • A Strong Brotherhood

Unlike other fraternities, Phi Kappa Theta offers a brotherhood where you can know all the brothers. In other large fraternities, cliques are common and sometimes members don’t even know the names of most of the brothers.


  • A Network of Active Alumni

Phi Kappa Theta has alumni from a variety of careers including business, technology, government, and law. Our alumni maintain an active presence in our chapter and are great resources for networking and finding jobs.


  • Leadership Opportunities

As a smaller fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta affords greater opportunities to become a leader. Members on the executive board and committee leaders at Phi Kappa Theta gain valuable experience applicable in the real world


  • Opportunity to Develop a Wide Range of Skills

Everyday it seems like you learn something new at Phi Kap. Even if you choose not to be a leader a Phi Kappa Theta, you can still learn valuable skills from how to stay organized to how to patch a hole in the wall.


  • A Full Social Schedule

Developing skills and networking is great, but so is having a good time in college. Phi Kappa Theta has a diverse social schedule including events such as formals, parties, and socials with sororities of campus.


  • The Cheapest Fraternity Dues on Campus

All these great opportunities can be yours for the low price of $950 a semester and can be divided into monthly payments. Dues are even cheaper if you live in the house!


  • A Home and Place to Park on Milledge Avenue

As a member you have the opportunity to live right on Milledge Avenue; located a quick walk away from campus and less than a minute’s walk from an official UGA bus stop. You can’t find cheaper rent located this close to campus!

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